The Why Café

This book came about through a stream of conscious typing experience that lasted for twenty-one days. I’d just come back from a year of backpacking the world and something had opened within me. Something told me to sit down at my computer and start typing.
Luckily, I listened.

Return to The Why Café

About ten years after writing the original, I found myself wondering what was going on at the cafe. The more I thought about it, the more the story started writing itself in my mind. When I sat down and started typing it out, I felt a wonderful sense of coming home somehow.

The Big Five for Life

My starting point for this book was the question of what the greatest leader in the world would be like. It was relevant to me because we’re all leaders, even if the only person we’re leading is ourselves. From there the story took on a life and feel of its own, including the idea of Museum Day.

The Big Five for Life Continued

I was contacted by an amazing leader from Quebec, Canada, who shared his experience with the original Big Five for Life book. We met and started talking and the parallels between he and his company’s history, and what I had described in the original book were amazing. It was from that meeting that the idea for the sequel was born, because I saw the chance to continue the story in a way which would be very powerful.

Life Safari

After The Why Cafe hit its first bestseller list, I found myself thinking about a next book. I happened to see an Oprah Winfrey special where she gave Christmas presents to children in South Africa. That night the story of Life Safari came to me. The ending came to me first. So clearly it brought me to tears. I wrote the book in ten days of almost non-stop typing.

Ahas! Moments of Inspired Thought

Within the story of Return to The Why Cafe, I kept referencing a book of Ahas! that the character had created. Individual moments of inspired thought, which had changed his life. I liked the idea so much I decided to write the book.