Return to The Why Café

My Inspiration

About ten years after writing the original, I found myself wondering what was going on at the cafe. The more I thought about it, the more the story started writing itself in my mind. When I sat down and started typing it out, I felt a wonderful sense of coming home somehow.

This is the sequel to the #1 inspirational Bestseller – The Why Cafe.

On a random night, along a forgotten road, John’s life was forever changed when he wandered into a tiny little place known affectionately as – The Why Cafe. After spending an entire evening there, he walked out with a new perspective about the meaning of life overall, and about his life in particular.

To his great surprise, ten years later he suddenly finds himself at the cafe once again. There are more questions on the cafe menu:

Why are you here?
Are you playing in your playground?
Do you have MPO?

And there are new adventures to be had.

As before, his time at the cafe launches his life in an inspiring and new direction. Set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, this follow-up to the #1 Bestseller, The Why Cafe, returns readers to the place where great food, thought provoking questions, and life-changing experiences, are all on the menu. So settle into a cozy booth by the window, and enjoy your Return to The Why Cafe.

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