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Starting about twelve years ago, I began to receive more and more requests from readers asking for help. They had read one or more of my books and were inspired. They wanted guidance on the steps to move their life from where it was, to “somewhere else.”

Most of the time, they also wanted help figuring out what the “somewhere else” was for them.

I was deeply touched and humbled by the requests. It wasn’t something I’d expected and I wasn’t sure the best way to answer them. My own story had involved leaving everything behind and following my heart to backpack around the world for a year. While that worked for me, most people were looking for something a little less drastic as a way to find their path.

So I took two months off and in much the same spirit as I write my books, I began to write down questions. Seemingly simple questions produced vast amounts of information when they were answered.

Later that year, I flew to the Netherlands and began asking these questions to a group of ten participants who had asked me to help them find their “somewhere else”.

I am honored to say that from that humble beginning, thousands of readers have since gone through what is now called the Big Five for Life Courses. I am also honored to say, that help them find their path has been one of the highlights of my life. To watch someone go from confused, uncertain, and sometimes scared, to arrive at a point where they know with absolute certainty the path they want to walk, is an incredible experience.

Over time, to honor people’s language and geographical needs, I began to train others to teach the courses. Listed below are the organizations I have taught, and who you can trust, to help you find your path using the Big Five for Life courses.

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