The Big Five for Life

My Inspiration

My starting point for this book was the question of what the greatest leader in the world would be like. It was relevant to me because we’re all leaders, even if the only person we’re leading is ourselves. From there the story took on a life and feel of its own, including the idea of Museum Day.

This book will inspire you. It will change your life in ways you can’t know now, but you’ll understand completely once you’re done reading it.

It will also forever enhance the way you look at your role as a leader. That includes the way you lead at home, at work, in your community…and especially the way you lead you.

At every given moment we are all called to be leaders. If for no other purpose than to lead ourselves.After all, someone has to inspire you to get out of bed each day. And that someone, is you.

It is told from the perspective of Thomas Derale, a man viewed by the people around him as the greatest leader in the world. At fifty-five years of age he learns he is dying. Yet even in that — the act of dying — he inspires everyone around him to live.

The principles in this book, such as the Big Five for Life and Museum Day Morning, have positively impacted millions of people around the world. Each in their own unique way as they have applied them to their life, their situation.

When you receive your copy, open to the first page, begin to read, and let them inspire you.

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