Ahas! Moments of Inspired Thought

My Inspiration

Within the story of Return to The Why Cafe, I kept referencing a book of Ahas! that the character had created. Individual moments of inspired thought, which had changed his life. I liked the idea so much I decided to write the book.

First referenced in the #1 Bestseller – Return to The Why Cafe – , this is a book which contains a variety of inspirational moments. There’s learnings about life. Learnings about self. Ideas, thoughts, concepts, flashes of insight and inspiration…

All are connected by the common thread that they produced an “Aha!” experience when they were first discovered. Most of the Ahas! are less than a page. A few a bit longer. Each with its own special energy.

This is a wonderfully random book. On a random whim, at a random time, open the book to any random point and begin reading. You are likely to find that what you discover on those pages, is exactly what you need for that moment in your life.

It’s a bit of a mystery really. How the book, your mind, the universe, a higher power…all conspire to make that happen.

Somehow though, it does.


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